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Beastie Power

Pushing Limits Daily

Athletic Programming

Programming designed for your specific sport. Do you want to use lifting as a way to bring your athletic performance to the next level? Let me design you a sport specific plan that will allow you to do just that.

Currently $45/month


Powerlifting. My bread and butter. If you are interested in competing in powerlifting reach out! I am friendly with all experience levels and will help you reach all your powerlifting goals through 1 on 1 coaching. 

Currently $50/month


Don't know what you want, what may benefit you, or just want to meet me and chat? Shoot me an email, DM on Instagram, or fill out the contact sheet below to set up a video call with me for free.


Come with me and see how far your strength can go.

Remain in wonderland, never knowing the potential of your body.

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The Coach

Hey there! I am Jackson Biller, the coach you would be working with. Let me tell you a little about myself and try to help you along in your decision making. I have been personal training/ athletic coaching/ coaching in powerlifting for close to 5 years. I like to group all of that experience under strength training. Growing up an athlete and competing in at a national level in my sport I know that technique and talent can only take you so far. For me, it was lifting and strength training that allowed me to reach that next level of performance. Once I got more into strength training, I naturally gravitated towards powerlifting and immediately became obsessed with the sport. In a sport with only three movements, there is so much that makes the sport difficult. Every little tweak can change a lift. That is why I love it. Powerlifting pushes my brain to analyze each individual person differently. Every athlete is different, every person is different, and there isn't one route to make a good powerlifter. The only constant is hard work. I always say a coach is nothing without a committed athlete. I will not boast the certifications and pieces of paper that qualify me to be a coach, but I will say one thing. I always tell my athletes to give me 8 weeks to reach a goal that we set, and if they don't reach that goal I will give them their money back. I have never had to pay anyone back. I do my best to learn about my athletes and produce results. 

Check out the remaining pages to read some more about my experience in each discipline.


This is the application to become one of my athletes. In order to keep my programming at a high quality there are limited spots. Please fill out a form and I will respond with further info promptly!

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