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Powerlifting is a sport comprised of three things. The squat, bench, and deadlift. Three staple lifts in the fitness world which seem fairly straightforward. The thing I love about powerlifting is how complex these lifts actually are. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of specific strength training and continuously find out that these three lifts are much more complex than they seem. I have been a powerlifting coach and athlete for over 3 years and absolutely love the sport. The community surrounding this sport is one of the best. My goal is to be able to make this sport much more well known than it is. Right now powerlifting is a fairly niche sport, but I want to be part of the generation that brings this sport attention. By becoming one of my athletes I promise to bring your strength to a level you never thought you would achieve. I am extremely beginner friendly and actually prefer working with beginner to intermediate lifters as it gives me a chance to build this community bigger and show new people why this sport is so great. In the three plus years I have been coaching I have brought athletes to state, national, and international levels of strength. However, I will only take 15% of that credit. I truly believe anyone can become a high level powerlifter, and that is the great thing about strength. Anyone can achieve it. Bring me someone with discipline and the will to learn and I can turn them into an amazingly strong individual. I do know that in terms of experience I am still fairly new, but I promise I work harder than anyone to analyze an athlete and get them where they need to be. In leu of that, I offer all my athletes the following: In our first meeting we will discuss a goal of yours (usually this is a goal the athlete did not think could happen anytime soon) and if you don't achieve that in the first two months I will refund your money. I am proud to say that I have never had to refund anyone. I am confident in my ability to bring you to the next level in the world of powerlifting. 

If you are interested set up a consultation.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Beastie Power team!

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