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Hey there! I am Jackson Biller, the coach you would be working with. If you aren't familiar with online coaching, let me tell you how it works. After our consultation I will design a program to fit your needs. Every week you will receive the program laid out in sets, reps, and weights. Every day you will send me videos of the exercises I request and I will give you feedback. With those videos I will be able to determine how you are progressing and where to take the programming. And that is pretty much all you need to know. All the behind the scenes considerations are on me. This makes it super simple for the athlete because all you need to do is read exactly what to do, push yourself, and trust that what I am giving you is progressing your strength. I am amenable and love feedback on programming, and try to keep open communication with my athletes. I will always respond within 24 hours and usually it takes closer to 2 or 3 hours. I am also able to set up video calls during your workouts to get a live form critique if me or my athlete sees fit. When it comes to competition, if the venue is within 3 hours of me I will be there to support. Otherwise, I always try to make it to the big competitions such as state or nationals.

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