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Athletic Programming

This would be programming designed to give you sport specific explosive power and strength. I have been programming for high school sports teams for over three years now. Personally, I was a high level swimmer in high school, and the only reason I didn't continue as a collegiate athlete is because I found a love for powerlifting. Therefore, I understand what it takes to achieve a high level of performance in athletics, and for me and the athletes I have worked with that next level can be achieved in the weight room. I am very proud to say that I have helped multiple athletes increase their performance on the field enough to achieve their collegiate dreams, and I continue to work with those same athletes in their off seasons to keep pushing their progress. I have specific experience in the swimming world as I was a swimmer and have worked with many swimmers, but I love working with any sport. Developing explosive strength is a huge part of powerlifting, so when it comes to developing that in athletes I know exactly what to do regardless of the sport. 

If you want a well-rounded sport specific strength coach, or just want to talk to me about your options set up a consultation.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Beastie Power Team!

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